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The Secrets of the Sande

Last week, the PAHMA Ethnographic Move Team extracted a series of mysterious masks from storage.  They caught my eye with their fantastical hairstyles, black sheen, and compact triangular faces, and I later learned that these masks were thought to possess supernatural powers.

Various Sande masks ready for their photo sessions in the Museum.

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What We Do and How We Do It - Part 2 - Floorplans

In Part 1 of ‘Organizing the Move’ we looked at the overall process and steps we were taking to ensure a safe and successful move experience. With this and future posts we will delve a little further into the various organizational and motivational tools we are using as well as exploring in detail the different stages of artifact processing leading up to the move. Today, in Part 2 we will look at one of the organizational tools that help to keep everyone up-to-date on the progress of the move.

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The ancient town of Meroë, in Sudan, had already been excavated for about thirty-five years when the University of California African Expedition was leaving Egypt and moving south through Sudan. In his 1949 chronicles, the anthropologist Henry Field wrote:
during a brief stop at Meroë, we took some photographs and collected a series of sherds.
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Objects please wait in line for photography

Objects are lining up and waiting for their moment in the lights!  The photography studio for the Hearst Ethnographic Move project is designed to accommodate a fast flow of diverse objects coming through on their way to packing. Diverse is an understatement, as we’ve had everything from tiny ancient Greek coins about a centimeter across to a 9 1/2 foot tall Maori house post! Each type of object needs its own type of photographic set-up, but the method and workflow we use for them stays the same. 

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Former Gym Denizen

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Paige Walker, another of our fantastic volunteers on the Archaeology move. Until last month, Paige was a U.C. Berkeley senior, majoring in Art History with a focus on Medieval books. She joined the Museum in June 2011 when she began volunteering for the Arizona Perishables Rehousing Project. This project involved inventory, rehousing, and photography of sandals, basketry fragments, cordage, and clothing that was recovered from various localities in Arizona.

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