The Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology is dedicated to stewarding a vast collection of over 3 million objects, spanning two million years of human history to inspire conversation, thought and action.

The Museum is a space–physical and digital–where people can come together to connect, learn and create.

We believe that bringing people together from different viewpoints can inspire boundless connections that nourish personal fulfillment and elevate the common good. For the Hearst Museum to thrive as a force for the betterment of society, it takes people who believe in our values of cultural stewardship, solidarity, and thoughtful risk-taking. Invest in us and we will connect you with new ways to change the world, both big and small.

Your philanthropy empowers us to do what we love to do: excite curiosity and share knowledge.

We are grateful for your support at any level and at any time.



Online giving is best! Please use our online giving system for the fastest and easiest processing and receipting.The museum will be closed during curtailment and academic holidays December 15 to January 2nd and unable to process any mailed in donations that are delivered on or after December 14th.

For FedEx, UPS and delivery methods or services other than standard first-class USPS, gift date is based on date received rather than postmark date. Be sure to include the mailing envelope or the delivery waybill in your check transmittal packet for proper processing.

Monday, December 31st

Securities gifts must be credited in UC Berkeley brokerage account
● Gifts via wire transfer must be credited into UC Berkeley account
Online gifts must be made by 11:59pm PST

Friday, January 4th

Donor gifts are received by this date will be issued tax receipts by
January 31st, 2019