Student Opportunities

Go Behind The Scenes

Getting involved with the Hearst Museum is a great way to gain experience and create new connections. Find an opportunity that fits with your interests and availability by checking out the programs below.

Berkeley Undergraduate Research Apprenticeships

There is a research experience for everyone at the Hearst Museum, ranging from beginning positions with no experience necessary to more advanced positions requiring specialized skills and knowledge. The Hearst Museum offers many exciting opportunities for Berkeley undergraduates to work with museum faculty, staff, and curators through the campus’s Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP). The Museum seeks motivated students who have interests that fit well with its research and collections areas. Students apply to URAP positions at the start of each semester. Click here to check out our current projects. The URAP program is for enrolled UC Berkeley undergraduates. If you are not an enrolled Berkeley undergraduate and you are interested in volunteering, please see the Volunteering & Internships section below.

Work-Study Positions

The Hearst Museum offers multiple funded work-study  positions for Berkeley students. To review current positions, visit the Work Study Job Listings site and search for the Hearst Museum.

Volunteer Positions & Internships

The Hearst Museum recognizes the valuable contributions made by volunteers toward its mission of preservation, interpretation, research, and understanding of its collections. It acknowledges the multi-talented individuals of the Bay Area and supports their commitments to share their time, skills, and knowledge in support of the Museum’s work. Submit your volunteer application today.


Independent Research

Students may conduct their own research using the Hearst Museum’s collections. Explore the Collections Portal and learn how to request a research visit.