Un-naming Kroeber Hall: A Message from the Directors

February 3rd, 2021 | Updates

Dear Hearst Museum Friends and Supporters,

On January 26th, the University of California, Berkeley announced that Kroeber Hall, the building in which our gallery is located, was officially un-named. A summary of the statement provided by Chancellor Carol Christ can be found here, as well as additional information on Alfred Kroeber, best known for his anthropological studies of California’s Indigenous people. While we work to update our public and internal records to reflect this name change, we wish to express our support for the university’s decision and extend our gratitude to the Building Name Review Committee and the many contributors to the review process.

In addition to being the former namesake of our building, Alfred Kroeber led what is now known as the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology from 1908 to 1946. Our museum acknowledges that we inherit Kroeber’s legacy, as does our university and our state. Chancellor Christ highlighted the Governor of California’s 2019 apology to California’s Native Americans. She wrote “This un-naming is but one step in our ongoing efforts to repair our university’s relationship with members of Native American communities on our campus and beyond, and rebuild it on a foundation of respect, equity, and true inclusion.” In 2021 you’ll see the Hearst taking part in these efforts to build relationships and work to repair the harmful effects of this legacy.

Thank you for your continued support,

Lauren Kroiz
Faculty Director
Hearst Museum

Caroline Jean Fernald
Executive Director
Hearst Museum