Hearst Museum Advisory Board

The Museum Board advises the director, advocates on behalf of the Museum, and assists with fundraising. Members are drawn from the surrounding Bay Area community, UC Berkeley alumni and current students, campus and civic leaders, and academic professionals. Members serve three-year terms. Click here to read stories about why members serve on the Board.

For more information about the Museum Advisory Board, contact pahma-development@berkeley.edu.

Advisory Board Members

Laura W. Young, Chair

David S. Gee, Board President

Leslie J. Airola-Murveit

Caleb Bushner

Margaret Conkey (Class of 1960 Professor Emerita of Anthropology)

Victoria L. George

Fiona Kirkpatrick

Carole S. Krumland

Kristin Lin

Susan S. Morris

Alfreda Murck

Lee Peterson

(Click here to learn more about our Board Members)

Advisory Board Student Members

Paloma Sánchez (Anthropology Graduate Student Member)

 Sam Kurtz (Undergraduate Student Member)

Ex-officio Members

Vice-Chancellor for Research Randy Katz

Rita Lucarelli, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Egyptology

Lauren Kroiz, Ph.D. Phoebe A. Hearst Museum Faculty Director

Caroline Jean Fernald, Ph.D., Phoebe A. Hearst Museum Executive Director