Through a Modern Lens

Art 15 – Language of Sculpture

Last Fall, students of Art 15 visited the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology. The purpose of the course was to challenge students to use ceramics as a way to explore three-dimensional space. For the projects exhibited, each student chose an artifact from the Hearst Museum or other institution and researched it. When was it made? Who might have made it? What was the purpose of the object? What were the materials used? There is more to an artifact, however, than just the answers to these questions. What does each object reveal to us about the cultural context of its creation? How is our interpretation limited by our own cultural lens? Based upon this research and their personal perspectives, students created contemporary versions of the pieces they chose.

In the lobby of Kroeber Hall are selected works produced by the students of Art 15. Their modern interpretations draw from their individual life experience, family backgrounds and philosophical musings. Included alongside each piece is a photograph of the artifact that inspired their work.

Special thanks to lecturer Cathy Lu for curation of this exhibit.