Council of Faculty Curators

Hearst Museum Faculty Curators use their expertise and energies to promote the Museum’s mission and goals. Faculty Curators document and develop the collections, carry out and encourage research on the collections, use and encourage the use of the collections for teaching, and facilitate interpretation and understanding by reaching out to audiences within and beyond the university.

Mariane Ferme, Curator of African Ethnology

Andrew Garrett, Curator of Sound Collections

Christine Hastorf, Curator of South American Archaeology

Todd Hickey, Curator of Hellenistic and Roman Egypt

Junko Habu, Curator of East Asian Ethnology and Archaeology

Lauren Kroiz, Associate Curator of Paintings, Photographs, and Works of Art on Paper

Kent Lightfoot, Curator of North American Archaeology

Rita Lucarelli, Associate Curator of Egyptology

Lisa Maher, Associate Curator of Lithic Collections

Benjamin Porter, Associate Curator of Middle Eastern Archaeology

Niek Veldhuis, Curator of Mesopotamian Epigraphy

Emeritus Curators

Stanley Brandes, Curator Emeritus of Mesoamerican Ethnology

Patrick V. Kirch, Curator Emeritus of Oceanic Archaeology

Nelson Graburn, Curator Emeritus of North American Ethnology

Tim D. White, Curator Emeritus of Biological Anthropology