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John K. Hillers (1843Ė1925) followed his mentor, geologist and ethnologist John Wesley Powell, into a career as a government photographer. The German-born Hillers, who arrived in America in 1852, served as a New York policeman and Union Army soldier, before joining Major Powell in 1871 as a boatman on his second journey down the Colorado River. By the following year, he had become the expedition photographer, despite his lack of prior experience in the medium. In 1879, Hillers followed Powell to the Smithsonian Institutionís newly-founded Bureau of American Ethnology. That summer he accompanied Frank Hamilton Cushing and a team of Smithsonian scientists on a trip to Zuni and other Southwestern pueblos, the first specifically anthropological expedition in America. In 1881, Hillers returned with the team to Zuni. Although he officially retired in 1900, he continued to take photographs for the Bureau and the U.S. Geological Service until 1919. This selection of Zuni and Hopi pictures comes from the museumís set of thirty-one Hillers photographs, donated by Phoebe Hearst.