Volunteer Appreciation

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A small group of Archaeology's volunteers, interns, and work-study students. Left to right: Danielle, Emily, Michelle, Sherry, Monica


In keeping with the latest newsletter where we highlighted PAHMA’s volunteers and the work they do, here are some of the little ways the Archaeology Move Team likes to thank their volunteers for their tireless efforts. Many of the tasks they tackle can be monotonous so we are always trying to show them how much we appreciate what they do for us. 


 From left to right: Thanks for all (the bagging) you do; You rock!; Over (Church) Hill


To date they have completed an extraordinary amount of rehousing, the most tedious of which involves putting rocks in bags with a protective layer of foam cut to size. Hence the “Thanks for all (the bagging) you do” balloon.  “You Rock” is because, let’s face it, our volunteers really do rock!  Note: the T-Rex image has nothing to do with the fact that one of us has the perfect head-to-arm ratio of said creature (or at least that is what they told me while snickering about something else apparently). And finally, “Over (Church) Hill” was to celebrate finishing Churchill county, Nevada, one of the biggest archaeological collections cared for by the Phoebe Hearst Museum.


And we can’t really talk about volunteer appreciation without talking about sugar! In archaeology we operate under the assumption that the way to a volunteer’s heart is through the sugar coursing through their bloodstream. From Canadian chocolate to homemade preserves on yummy bread and kettle corn, so much kettle corn, and popsicles (what flavor were those?) and cookies, oh, the cookies!


So anyway, from the bottom of our rapidly-beating sugar-fueled hearts and twitchy extremities, Thanks for all You do, You Rock! I would clap if only my hands could reach each other, how about a standing hand flailing instead? Weeeee!!!

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