Registration Inventory Volunteers at the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology

This summer, the Registration team at the Museum is inventorying and photographing an estimated 10,000 textiles and 12,000 baskets.  Since June 2014, four volunteers and three interns have lent their talents and time (over 300 hours!) to the Museum with the systematic inventory and photography of the collections. Collectively, the team has inventoried over 17,500 artifacts and taken 4,500 photographs. 

Registration volunteers include basket, textile, and museum enthusiasts Sarah Bishop, Kate Colwell, Krisa Fredrickson, and Eizabeth Shippey. Sarah Bishop, a museology graduate from the University of Washington, relocated from Seattle to pursue a career in museums in the Bay Area. Physician Kate Colwell weaves textiles and baskets. Krisa Fredrickson, an ethnobotanist, works part-time at the California Academy of Sciences. Elizabeth Shippey, a weaver for over 25 years, works part-time at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.   

Working with local Museum Studies programs, the newly formed Registration Internship Program at the Hearst partners with graduate students in Collections Management and Registration to provide hands-on experience working with museum collections and data.  Of our three interns, Eleanor Sandys and Danielle Knapp are students at John F. Kennedy University and the third intern, Dr. Cornelia Bleul-Gohlke, is a student at the University of San Francisco.  In addition to assisting with inventory and photography, the interns are working with the Head of Registration on standardizing the nomenclature used in the database for object name, medium, and manufacture technique. The interns also have the opportunity to learn museum labeling of artifacts, preventative conservation, and the fundamentals of preparing and packing museum artifacts for relocation.


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