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A few times each year we like to pause and reflect on what an amazing team of volunteers we have and how fortunate we are to have them. In the past, to show our appreciation for the incredible work they do, we have held luncheons and conducted tours of the Museum’s various collections facilities. This year, thanks to the considerable efforts of two Museum staff members, Keryn Sovella (Development Assistant Extraordinaire) and Raksmey Mam (IT Jedi Master), the volunteers, interns, work study (and staff!) got to enjoy a Pizza and Movie Night complete with popcorn, drinks, and other cinematic treats.

The pre-show chat and chow

The former Museum Gift Shop was magically transformed into a state-of-the-art movie theater (well, … we put out chairs and set up a projector, what were you expecting?) for a private, very exclusive screening of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Harrison Ford was in attendance, but remained in character and on screen for the entire event. Other celebrity sightings include the elusive basketry and textile folks from Marchant and the archaeology and osteology basement dwellers from the Hearst Gymnasium. The much anticipated swag bags did not disappoint, and will likely be the topic of conversation at society events for weeks to come.

The coveted SWAG Bag















It was a great night, full of conversation, laughter, fun, and adventure (much like working at the museum!). A special ‘Thank you’ goes out to Keryn and Raksmey for organizing and hosting this fantastic event, great job both of you! And of course, a ‘Big Thanks’ to all of our volunteers, interns, and work study students. Your considerable energy, dedication and drive are inspiring and motivating. We always say that we could not do this without you and this time, as with every other time, we really mean it. Thank you!










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