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There are three new employees working in the bowels of Kroeber. At first glance, their pasts may seem benign, but further research has brought some more interesting facts to light.

     Paige Walker may or may not have had a secret motive when joining the team. Unnamed sources have shown her to have obsessive vacuuming disorder. At the moment, these quick conservation skills have proven to be a boon to the Museum but who really knows when her vacuuming obsession will move beyond just objects. 
     On the surface, Katie Fleming seems like your average Joe however, what the general public does not know is that the collection contains a large number of chicken related objects. Does her "hobby" of raising chickens show us something more about her? Just look at her criminal background and you will wonder whether the Museum's objects are really safe in her hands. Once a chicken thief, always a chicken thief. 
     Finally, Gráinne Hebeler reported in her background check to have a minor speeding ticket. Let's take a hard look at how these facts really add up. A redhead born in Kuwait with more accents in her name than necessary, holding three passports - can we really trust her? At the young age of three months, Gráinne was arrested and charged with reckless camel racing. Who is to say she has changed her ways now? 
Stay tuned as the investigation continues.
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This series brought to you by Katie Fleming & Gráinne Hebeler.
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