Collections on the Move

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Archaeology Rocks, and Rolls!

Corri and Tasha working at the photostation

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T-Shirt Design Contest

In celebration of our upcoming moves we are seeking your help for designing a move-themed T-shirt for PAHMA staff and volunteers.  I'm helping lead up the Archaeology portion of the Move and I’m certainly not the one to be designing a T-shirt. 

My idea of good a good T-shirt design would be to snap a sexy picture of a soil sample and slap on a slogan like “PAHMA moves dirty”.  How about a picture of a flotation sample and a saying like “PAHMA floats my boat”.

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Mo' Mummies, Mo' Problems

As the new Move Photographer at the Hearst, I was delighted to find out that our first problem to overcome was to transfer the ancient Egyptian coffin and mummy collection to its next storage location. I am a not-so-secret Egypto-maniac, so getting a chance to observe and photograph the hidden treasures of the Hearst Egyptian collection was exciting!

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Behind the Scenes of a Deinstallation

The transformation currently underway at the Hearst is proving to be exciting and challenging for the Museum staff. The most recent step involved in the process has been the deinstallation of the Museum. Yes, you read that correctly, the deinstallation of the entire Museum!
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