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Get to Know an Archaeologist: Dr. Lissette Jimenez

Dr. Lissette Jimenez is a graduate of the UC Berkeley Near Eastern Studies Department and has worked as an Archaeologist in Egypt, Greece and Italy. She recently gave a talk to the Hearst Museum members titled "Portraits from the Past: Mummy Portraits and Shrouds from Roman Egypt." We asked her about her experiences and thoughts about a career in Archaeology.

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A Great Big Thank You!












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Zelia Nuttall and a Sixteenth-Century Mexican Painting by Jessica Stair, Ph.D. Candidate, History of Art Department UC Berkeley

The Hearst Museum recently came across a 1902 copy of a sixteenth-century lienzo painted by Genaro Blacio and commissioned by Zelia Nuttall in Mexico. The term lienzo refers to a genre of paintings on cloth produced during the colonial period in Mexico that were commonly used for recording history and boundaries. This large-scale painting on cloth, measuring 2.35 x 3.1 meters, was accessioned by the Hearst Museum in 1905 with three separate catalog numbers, implying that the painting had been cut into three pieces soon after its creation.

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Augmenting Ancient Reality: Using a Smartphone App to Teach about the Hearst Egyptian Collection

For my recent summer course on Ancient Egypt, I wanted my students to do some creative thinking about how to share what they’d learned about the Hearst Collection with the public. Their project was to think of questions visitors might have about Egyptian objects on display, research the answers, and then share the answer they thought was most interesting through a short video.
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Registration Inventory Volunteers at the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology

This summer, the Registration team at the Museum is inventorying and photographing an estimated 10,000 textiles and 12,000 baskets.  Since June 2014, four volunteers and three interns have lent their talents and time (over 300 hours!) to the Museum with the systematic inventory and photography of the collections. Collectively, the team has inventoried over 17,500 artifacts and taken 4,500 photographs. 

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