Collections and Document Access Fees

The Hearst Museum recognizes the facilitation of research on the collections for which it cares as a primary means of accomplishing its mission. The Museum seeks to accommodate as many such visits as possible while balancing staff and space constraints. The Museum has established a collections and document access fee schedule for some visitors. Please refer to the following fee schedule to determine any associated costs with access. All visitors must produce appropriate I.D. and/or proof of enrollment in an accredited higher education institution.

1. Fees are waived for the following visitors.

  • UC Berkeley faculty, students, and qualified staff members

  • Campus-approved post-doctoral and visiting scholars

  • Tribal and descendent communities, and associated qualified researchers

2. No fees for up to 3 days in a calendar year; fee of $25 per day thereafter.

  • Non-UC Berkeley graduate students pursuing graduate research at an accredited institution of higher education

  • Qualified researchers who are undergraduate or graduate alumni of UC Berkeley

  • Qualified educators seeking instructional content for K-12 students   

3. Fee of $75 per day for up to 3 days in a calendar year; fee of $100 per day thereafter

  • Non-UC Berkeley qualified academic researchers

  • Qualified researchers from recognized non-profit organizations

  • Qualified self-funded independent researchers

4. Fee of $90 per hour (for job-related or government-agency research)

  • Employees of cultural resource management firms  

  • Employees of local, state, and federal government agencies

  • Employees of commercial or for-profit organizations 

Additional Charges

  • Visitors requiring staff to conduct extensive research prior to a visit may incur additional charges.

  • Visits requiring extensive time to pull and rehouse objects may incur additional charges.

  • Visitors in Groups 2, 3, and 4 who make their reservation with less than six weeks notice will be charged an additional one day’s fees.

  • Visitors cancelling their reservation with less than seven working days notice will be charged one day’s fees.

  • Separate fees apply for loans, commercial photography and duplication services

Collection managers and/or the Registrar will estimate fees for each visitor. The balance is due prior to the visit. Payment can be made by credit card or personal check made out to the “Regents of the University of California.” Aside from visitors in Group 4, all fees will be assessed in full day increments. No refunds will be granted.

All revenue from these fees will be dedicated to visit-related operating costs and conservation supplies at the Museum Director’s discretion. Only the Director or his/her designated proxy may waive or reduce fees. Fee schedule will be subject to annual review.