Loan Policy

Loan Requests

All requests must be submitted in writing on institutional letterhead and addressed to the Head of Registration. Information on the intended use of the collections, the requested duration of the loan period, and any other details pertinent to the request should be described in the request. Written requests must stipulate the nature of collections use or type of research to be conducted, the catalog numbers of the objects requested and a time framework including shipping, photography, installation and exhibition dates, etc. Research requests should also discuss expected results. A completed AAM Standard Facility Report for each venue must accompany exhibition loan requests. Contact the Division of Registration with questions at


Loans are not made to individuals. If an individual researcher is affiliated with a museum, the loan agreement must be signed by the Head of Registration of the receiving institution. If the requestor is affiliated with an academic department, the agreement must be signed by the department chairperson.


All loans require a minimum of six months to process from the time that approval is granted and a final list of objects is determined. Loans are released only after the receipt of approved loan agreement, fees, and certificate of insurance.

Purpose of Loan

The objects loaned by the PAHMA may not be used for any purpose other than that agreed upon. Objects may not be lent by the Borrower to a third party without the written permission of the PAHMA.


Unless otherwise agreed, the Borrower is responsible for the cost of insuring all borrowed materials from the time they leave the PAHMA until the time they are returned. Prior to releasing objects for loan, the PAHMA must receive a Certificate of Insurance showing wall-to-wall coverage from the Borrower. If required, the Borrower will be responsible for the cost of an insurance appraisal. Insurance valuations are not appraisals of value.


The Borrower is responsible for all conservation costs. The PAHMA's Conservator is responsible for providing an estimate of conservation costs prior to any loan agreement being signed. In-house mount making is supervised and/or conducted by the Conservator. In the event that these in-house services are not available, contract conservation or mount making is charged at the contractor's rate.

Condition Reports

Condition Reports will be provided by the PAHMA's Head of Registration or Conservator. Reports include documentation of each object and a record photograph. Any changes to the conditions noted should be reported immediately and in writing. The PAHMA may require interim Condition Reports in certain cases. Unless the Borrower gives notice within ten working days after receipt of the loan specifying any defect in, or other objection to, the provided Condition Report, the Borrower agrees that it shall be conclusively presumed that the Borrower has fully inspected the objects and acknowledged that they are in the condition specified in the Condition Report.


The Borrower will be responsible for the cost of packing objects by in-house staff or a professional handler approved by the PAHMA. Unless otherwise specified, the Borrower will repack loans in the same or similar material. Packing and crating materials should be stored in appropriate facilities for preservation. The Borrower will be responsible for following any special packing and unpacking instructions provided by the PAHMA. Any alterations to packing must be approved in writing by the Registrar or Conservator.


All transportation costs (carrier, customs brokerage, freight forwarding, additional security, etc.) associated with shipping from and to the PAHMA are to be borne by the Borrower. Transportation should occur by the safest and most direct means possible, and must be approved by the PAHMA in advance. Should a courier be required, the Borrower will be responsible for all of the courier's costs.


The Borrower will protect loans from fire, theft, mishandling, insects, dirt and extreme variations in light, temperature and humidity at all times. Loans will be handled only by experienced personnel. Object handling will be kept to a minimum. The Borrower will comply with all special handling instructions required by the PAHMA. Unless otherwise arranged, all objects must be displayed in secure, locked cases. The Borrower will not clean, repair, or alter a loaned object. Unless specifically arranged in advance, the Borrower may not carry out scientific examination of the objects without written permission from the PAHMA. The PAHMA reserves the right to inspect the installation and/or use of the objects at any time.

Loss or Damage

Should loss or damage occur to a borrowed object while in transit, during unpacking or packing, installation or de-installation, or while on display, regardless of who is responsible, it must be reported immediately by telephone, fax or e-mail to the PAHMA Conservator or Head of Registration, followed by a written report accompanied by photographs. The Borrower may not carry out conservation without the permission of the PAHMA Conservator. If conservation is necessary, the Borrower will be responsible for the complete cost. Should any incident occur with regard to a borrowed object, whether or not damage is apparent, the event must be reported immediately, and in writing to the PAHMA.


No tape, glue, pins, staples, wires or other materials may be placed on or into the objects. The Borrower will be responsible for the cost of constructing special mounts for objects requiring them. Mounting instructions for such objects will be provided by the PAHMA. The Borrower agrees to follow any special mounting or installation instructions provided by the PAHMA. The loaned objects will be installed only by experienced personnel.

Exhibit Label

If exhibited, the object label should include the following credit line: "Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley" accompanied by the object’s catalog number.

Publicity and Reproductions

Objects may be photographed for use within the exhibition space itself or for Condition Reports. Permission for any other use, such as a publication (see below), or printed or electronic promotional materials, must be received in writing from the PAHMA. If the Borrower receives permission to make photographs for the purpose of an electronic or print publication or publicity, the PAHMA requests one set of labeled photos for its records. Photography by the general public is allowed. The use of a flash is not allowed. Subjecting objects to any artificial or natural light beyond that agreed upon for display purposes, requires separate permission from the Hearst Museum.

Catalog/Publication/Research Findings

If a publication accompanies the exhibition or results from research, the PAHMA requests one copy for its library. The PAHMA also requests copies of promotional materials that contain its objects. If published, the object caption should include the following credit line: "Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley" accompanied by the object's catalog number. A report of research findings must be provided to the PAHMA at the conclusion of a loan made for research purposes regardless of whether or not a formal publication results.

Loan Fees

Following consideration by the loan review committee, the requestor will be provided with an invoice for administrative fees, and a preliminary estimate of related costs.
Please visit the Fees for Loans from the Museum page for information. 

Loan Cancellation Fees

Should the Borrower cancel a loan request after a cost, such as conservation, has been incurred by the PAHMA on behalf of the Borrower, the Borrower is responsible for that cost. In addition, once a formal loan request has been received from a non-University of California Borrower, and review by PAHMA staff has begun, if the loan request is cancelled, withdrawn or postponed indefinitely by the Borrower, a Loan Request Cancellation Fee of $500 will be charged to the prospective Borrower.

Recall of Loan

The PAHMA reserves the right to recall the loan for any reason, and requires return of the loan within three weeks.

Loan Period and Renewal of Loan

Loans are generally made for a maximum of twelve months. Requests for renewal must be made in writing and received thirty days before the expiration of the loan. If more than two renewal requests are made, the loan will be reconsidered by the loan review committee.

Return of Loan

The Borrower agrees to return the loan only to the PAHMA, by the date specified in the signed loan agreement, unless other arrangements are agreed to in advance by the PAHMA.


In the event of any conflict between this agreement and any forms of the Borrower, the terms of this agreement shall be controlling.

NOTE: The selection of all contractors will be at the discretion of PAHMA.