Fees for Commercial Photography

Commercial Photographers, Filmmakers, Broadcasters

Any organization or agency requesting to use the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology's collections and/or facilities including the exhibit hall for commercial photographic, film, or broadcast purposes will be charged $100 per hour for staff assistance, plus a $150 fee for each object photographed in the Museum or at the agency's studio. When a staff member must accompany Museum objects for photographic purposes away from the UC Berkeley campus, the borrowing agency must cover a courier fee of $100/day or $50/ half day, in addition to all of the courier’s expenses including meals and transportation.

In the event that a commercial organization uses Museum facilities and its staff for an entire day (six or more hours), the charge for one staff member assistant and consultation with other staff will be a minimum of $600 plus the photographic fee of $150 per object.